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Coach - Dion Linz - MoArk 

Crystal Albert  -  Dogwood

Kendall Atchison  -  MoArk 

Jessica Bickel  -  Power Surge * 

Joel Burton  -  Power Surge

"Bongo" Creamer - Keystone Kings #

Steve Greenlee - Omaha Outlaws #

Josh Kirby - B.H. Bombers#

Eve Linz - MoArk

Cody Paul - Loaded Goats* 

Alexx Pettey - Loaded Goats #

Justin Pittman - MoArk #

Luis Raya - Sons of Pitches

Blake Rhein - Sons of Pitches *

Laura Rhein - Sons of Pitches * 

Wes Slaton - Keystone Kings

David Such - C.C. Cardinals #

Abby Villines - Medley Farms #

Clayton Watson - Dogwood #

Reagan Weifenbach - Loaded Goats

Taylor Weifenbach - Loaded Goats

Kailee Willis - Keystone Kings #

Austin Woods - MoArk

 # - Unable to participate

* - Alternate replacement


Team Blue mounted a huge comeback in the first game after Team Red raced out of the gate to a 10-0 lead after the first inning. The game featured some colossal shots by All-Star sluggers Austin Woods, Joel Burton, Steve Paul, and Jareb Grinder and web-gem defensive performances by Bo Medley, Cody Paul, and Chad Isbell. Jeremy Bilbee capped off the comeback with a walk-off hit in the bottom of the 7th inning, giving Team Blue a 15-14 victory. 

In the second game, Team Blue took the early lead and held on for a 10-5 win and the 2-0 series win. Great play in the second game was led by Josh Hartin, Chad Isbell, and Callie Harp for Team Blue and Team Red was letd by homeruns from Blake Rhein and Taylor Weifenbach.

Jeremy Bilbee was named the inaugural All-Star MVP for his great play, pitching, and walk-off hit in the first game. Crystal Albert was named the lady's MVP. Coach Darren Roberts enters the record books as the first winning coach in circuit All-Star history. 


Coaches - Darren Roberts / Ethan Courter

Jordan Alvard - Dogwood #

Ricky Atchison - MoArk #

Jeremy Bilbee - Omaha Outlaws (MVP)

Dustin Canion - Keystone Kings #

Addie Courter - Sons of Pitches

Kari Emitt - Loaded Goats

Randy Franz - Dogwood #

Jareb Grinder - Power Surge

Callie Harp - Sons of Pitches

Josh Hartin - MoArk

LaTasha Holt - Keystone Kings

Chad "Izzy" Isbell - MoArk

Bo Medley - Medley Farms

Kaylie Paul - Loaded Goats

Steve Paul - Loaded Goats

Chris Soma - B.H. Bombers #

Brandon Taylor - MoArk *

Melva Tibbets - Power Surge

# - Unable to participate

* - Alternate replacement

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